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Anne Elliott

Seeking Traction
Acrylic on paper
14" x 11"

Many Mes
Collage, sharpies, handmade paper
15" x 14"

The Specter of Me
Collage, acrylic on paper
12" x 13"


Life offers many opportunities to feel yourself on shaky ground. It can refer to an actual event like an earthquake. It can also describe emotional uncertainty, moments of doubt as in "Seeking Traction", or unsettling discoveries as in "Specter of Myself" and "Many Mes." "Immortal Pointing Path" is the name of one of the trails around Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) in China. Yellow Mountain has 38 peaks and many elaborately constructed stone trails, all of them dangerous at one point or another. I felt continually unsteady, unsure of my footing, often at the edge of an abyss with no protection like a guard rail. Maybe the ground wasn't shaking but I was.

- Anne Elliott