My mixed media installations explore personal experiences, the passing of time and the ephemeral quality of nature. Using various materials each piece becomes an intimate personal documentation of and interaction with time and place. The camera acts as an observer capturing fleeting moments, which are often insignificant and mundane. My collected images have been used in numerous ways from video projections to a series of over 1000 stills mounted on the gallery wall. These installations have been exhibited internationally, nationally and regionally.


- Laura Cloud on her recent mixed media installations

Moroccan Markets, 2020

Archival Ink on Epson Clear Film

Variable Size


 [RE]Tracing Morocco, 2019

Archival Ink BFK Rives Paper

Variable Size


  sky impressions, 2018

Archival Ink on BFK Rives Paper

Variable Size



Moroccan Markets: 

The photo and audio documentation for Moroccan Markets was the result of a residency program I attended at Green Olive Arts located in Tetouan, Morocco. The images were initially inspired by the patterns, colors, repetitions, and amassed quantities of merchandise found in daily life in and around Tetouan. When I was informed that mass-produced products were replacing Morocco's traditional hand-crafted objects because of various international free-trade agreements the project took on a more sociopolitical narrative. I have continued to use the raw material over the past several years to explore different ways of installation, experimental formatting and sizing, new printing methods and finally the addition of recorded sound in 2020.


[RE]Tracing Morocco:

Also started during my Green Olive Arts Residency, [RE]Tracing Morocco layers past experiences, memories and personal history with contemporary Morocco by juxtaposing a series of reprinted old photos from the 1970s with current day image projections.


sky impressions:

An ongoing installation which asks the viewer to notice something from our universal everyday lives. sky impressions examines the variations in mood from a small patch of sky. Documented three times each day, there are many subtle shifts of color, light and impressions which constantly change with the humidity, time of day, location and light. Because the work is printed on artists’ paper each piece appears to be a subtle painting, with the image softly embedded in its material support. The digital image does not appear to be mechanical but something handmade, as if light and color have been infused into the paper.