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Madelaine Shellaby

I work in many mediums and in some work I combine them, as I do in my story telling installations. Alternately I work with a single medium, as I do with my digitally montaged prints, although with those I do include segments of other mediums such as camera photography and drawing. I have explored new mediums for me in my recent work; I drew and painted with acrylic and graphite on mylar sheets. And used a mirror to make quasi self-portraits. Do they look look recognizably like me? Maybe not. But in some senses, in very specific ways I recognise, they do.

- Madelaine Shellaby on her recent series of digitally montaged prints

Veneto Series: One-Eye 1, 2022
Digital Montage Print
Veneto Series: One-Eye 3, 2022
Digital Montage Print
  Veneto Series: One-Eye 2, 2022
Digital Montage Print