Baseera Khan: Dream Machine

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Thurs. June 29, 7-9pm


In conjunction with the exhibition Otherwise, you don’t see me, SOHO20 is pleased to present an event hosted by participating artist, Baseera Khan.

For this event, the artist invites viewers to experience a dream machine in person. A stroboscopic device made from a rotating cylinder emitting light through slits along its sides, this particular dream machine is presented as a homemade contraption, with slight alterations from the original design. Invented by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville, the artist questions the creation narrative that excludes non-western influences. The dream machine acts like the third window, an idea used to understand our subconscious desires and constructed selves, with the potential to induce a hypnagogic state. This device makes an appearance in the video Brothers and Sisters, on display as part of the exhibition.

RSVP at [email protected]