Love is a Woman’s Power, 2021-2022

Acrylic on canvas

 28" x 35"


Women Create Love, 2021 - 2022

acrylic on canvas

 28" x 35"


In the name of the creator of light and beauty

Being a woman is a divine gift

Being a woman doesn't belong to women only,

Every woman has a man inside her and every man has a woman and feminine energy inside him. Female energy is considered the prime mover of our world and the universe.

Existence of love, happiness, peace, security and passion for life in every land , illustrates that the women of that land have loved and accepted themselves and have placated with each other, that's what sets free the men and women and causes the real freedom.

But in my country, Iran, most of the women of my land do not see themselves and have forgotten that they have been enslaved like slaves for militant men for many years, and they also have forgotten that freedom and happiness doesn't exist in slavery and blind obedience, but in loving and self confidence. They can change the world only if they understand their feminine power's existence in world.

Hoping for realization and awakening for the women of my dear country Iran and all the beautiful women all over the world. Women in my paintings are spiritual injuries and wounds that were created before my freedom and liberation and my recognition of my feminine soul. every single brush on my painting canvas heals my soul,  with the colors that were chosen by my free spirit and makes it more free and liberated. Generally speaking ,my paintings are deeply connected to the kind God inside me, and I've no word to express my gratitude to this great perception.

- Bahare Takmill