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collage on paper

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collage on paper

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Zahra Mohamadi (b. 1992) is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Tehran. She has studied painting at the Fine Art school and sculpture at the Art University of Tehran. Mohamadi has exhibited her work in over 30 group exhibitions in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, United States, Belgium, Netherlands, and Iran.

She works with different media such as sculpture, collage, drawing, and printmaking to explore themes like violence, women's rights, identity, the body, gender, sexual orientation, and taboos. Mohamadi's artistic goal is to question rather than case judgment.

I use fish in my art because they are the most important symbol in the legends of the world. They are an auspicious symbol of fertility, life and death. Fish are associated with the mother goddess, the moon and the primordial oceans from which everything originated. This work is a personal and visual expression about my present.

- Zahra Mohamadi