Interference is a program that invites artists working in time based media to stage a one night event, performance, or reading in SOHO20’s gallery space. Gathering inspiration from the interference waves of analog television or radio, where a third image or sound is produced from the overlay or combination, this program likewise investigates the crossover between time-based works and standard exhibition presentation. The resulting events have no predetermined format. Each invited artist will use the context of the exhibition already on display in the gallery to either inform their project or as a backdrop, with the goal of adding to and ultimately shifting the reception of the space as a whole.


Stay tuned for announcements. Please email [email protected] for more details.

Please note that after July 1, 2019, SOHO20’s +/- Project Space and Rethinking Feminism programming will be placed on hold, by vote of the new SOHO20 Artists, Inc. acting board and member artists. For additional information, please email [email protected].


Fri. June 17, 2016
Kay Turner + Kate Conroy: What a Witch, Part 2: LESBEING—A Ritual Seeking Evidence

Thurs. January 28, 2016
Katya Grokhovsky: Touch It

Thurs. December 3, 2015
Gabrielle D’Angelo and Christhian Diaz: Around, Around, Pull, Hold

Thurs. October 22, 2015
Laura Linda Miller: Economy of Heat and Tears